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Good news: Daily Feedburner email service has been restored

Dear Carpe Diem Readers:

For those of you (about 1,100) who had subscribed to the Feedburner service at the old Carpe Diem website to receive a daily email with new blog posts, I have good news: the service has just been restored in the last few days, and you should now be receiving daily emails between 7-9 p.m. with posts from the new Carpe Diem website at AEI!!  The Feedburner service has not been working since the Carpe Diem blog moved to AEI about three months ago, and it took a lot of work from the IT staff at AEI to restore the daily email service, and their help is much appreciated (especially Adam Bengston). 

For those of you who might want to subscribe to the daily Feedburner service in the future, we’ll try to add a link on the side of the blog soon that will accommodate new subscribers. 

Thanks for your patience and understanding,


P.S. The time of day for the daily emails from Feedburner can be changed, so if you would like to express any preferences for a different time (early morning?), please leave a comment below.

One thought on “Good news: Daily Feedburner email service has been restored

  1. This is quite possibly the BEST blog on the internet! Thank you AEI for returning the daily feed. I don’t always agree with your views but always enjoy reading them.
    Thank you again

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