Foreign and Defense Policy

Best of the foreign policy blogs 11/24-11/30

Here is the best of what AEI’s foreign and defense policy scholars are reading this week:

Jessica T. Mathews in Foreign Policy considers The World in 2013

Seth Mandel at Commentary Magazine discusses Hamas’s All-of-the-Above Approach to Regional Alliances

Anna Nemtsova at Newsweek writes, Russia: Introducing the Putin Doctrine

Paul Bracken at the Diplomat considers The Problem From Hell: South Asia’s Arms Race

Zack Gold at the National Interest reflects on Egyptian Tyranny and American Values

Bruce Riedel in the Daily Beast revisits the Mumbai Attacks: Four Years Later

Jonathan F. Keiler at the American Thinker reveals How Not to Deter Hamas (and Iran)

Ray Walser in the Heritage Foundation’s Foundry blog argues it’s Time to Take Mexico Seriously

James Holmes in CNN’s GPS blog lists Top 5 Ways to Upgrade the U.S.-Japan Alliance

Michael J. Totten at  World Affairs reports, Egypt’s Morsi Proclaims Himself Pharaoh

And finally, below is a clip of Egyptian civilians protesting Egypt’s Islamist President Mohammed Morsi’s attempt to expand his presidential powers:

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