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What you may have missed in the polls: Biden and Ryan, economic anxiety, and female voters

Opinions of Joe Biden and Paul Ryan

The VP debate: In a CNN/ORC poll taken immediately following last night’s debate, 48% of registered voters who watched the debate thought Paul Ryan won, while 44% thought Biden won. CBS polled uncommitted voters after the debate and 50% thought Biden won, 31% Ryan, and 19% said it was a tie.

Biden and Ryan: In the latest Pew poll, taken before the VP debate, 39% had a favorable opinion of Biden and 51% an unfavorable one. Forty-one percent had a favorable view of Ryan and 40 percent an unfavorable one. In the latest NBC/Wall Street Journal poll, 37% had a positive impression of Joe Biden, 38% a negative impression, and 19% a neutral one. Thirty-seven percent had a favorable view of Paul Ryan, 33% a negative impression, 19% a neutral one, and 12% didn’t have an opinion.

Debate fallout: After the first presidential debate, polls show Romney pulling even or slightly ahead of the president in trial heats. Romney’s performance also moved some other numbers. In Pew’s mid-September poll, before the presidential debate, President Obama had a 13-point advantage over Romney as being a strong leader. In the latest survey, Romney has pulled even. Obama has maintained his advantage on many qualities and traits, but some gaps are narrowing. On which candidate connects well with ordinary Americans, Obama had a 43-point advantage in mid-September, which decreased by 14 points after the debate.

The price of bread: When asked by Fox News about the biggest economic problem they faced, most likely voters in the new poll didn’t say unemployment (24%), taxes (19%), or the housing market (7%). Instead, a plurality (41%) said rising prices was their biggest economic concern.

Better and worse: More Americans think the nation’s economy is getting better than getting worse (49% to 42%) in the latest Fox News poll. However, many don’t see any improvement in their family’s financial situation. More think the economy is getting worse for their family than getting better (45% to 43%).

Remember the ladies?: In Pew’s mid-September poll, Obama had an 18-point lead among likely female voters. In their latest poll, Romney and Obama are tied among women. Fox shows a more modest change among female likely voters. Obama had an 11-point advantage in late September, It the new poll, it has narrowed to 8 points.

Party on: Neither political party is all that popular at the moment, but the Democrats hold a slight advantage over the Republicans. In the latest NBC/WSJ poll, 21% view the Democratic Party very positively, while 14% view the Republican Party the same way. About equal numbers view the parties neutrally, while slightly more view the Republican Party very negatively (25%) than the Democratic Party (22%).

Trust with your money: Fifty percent of likely voters in Fox’s new poll said they would trust Mitt Romney to manage their family’s money and bank accounts, while 46% said they would not. President Obama didn’t fare as well in the poll. Thirty-eight percent said they would trust him; 59% would not.

3 thoughts on “What you may have missed in the polls: Biden and Ryan, economic anxiety, and female voters


    Halloween arrived early. Raddatz rode in on her broom and quickly lost control of the debate. And she did absolutely nothing to recapture control.

    Biden behaved like a 3-ring circus energized by a half-emptied bottle of bourbon. One minute I was expecting to see 18-midgets jump out of the Volkswagen…and the next minute Biden reminded me of the drunk at a cocktail party who everyone is trying to avoid.

    All the important things impacting America were needlessly trivialized by a clown and his willing and incompetent stooge.

  2. I just don’t see how anyone could have watched the debate and thought Joe Biden wasn’t rude, unprofessional and unbecoming of a sitting vice president. Think if you had acted this way in ANY business dealing you have with any counterpart. You would have lost the account, been chastised by any higher ups involved or worse. It was a sad showing of a Vice President to be sure.

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