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AEI’s 2012 video contest winners announced

American Enterprise Institute's 2012 Video Contest

In June, AEI launched our first-ever video contest, challenging people to make the moral case for free enterprise in under two minutes.

We received many submissions from around the country. They ranged from the humorous to the earnest; some had professional-quality production values, others embraced simplicity and straightforward story-telling.

The winners were selected by a distinguished panel of judges who bring a great deal of expertise to the table: S.E. Cupp, bestselling author and co-host of MSNBC’s “The Cycle”; Jonah Goldberg, AEI senior fellow and nationally syndicated columnist; Kristina Kendall, executive producer of “Stossel” on Fox Business Network; and Remy Munasifi, comedian and YouTube video star.

Below are the three contest winners. AEI also put together a gallery of featured videos that showcases some of the talent that went into this contest.

First place: “The Moral Paper Route,” submitted by Jared Fuller.

Second place: “Freedom’s Price,” submitted by Joseph Farris

Third place: “Joke of the Day,” submitted by Don Brookins

To those who participated in this year’s contest: Thank you!

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