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Does Obama ‘hate Israel?’

Image Credit: White House Flickr Stream

Image Credit: White House Flickr Stream

Obama is addressing the United Nations General Assembly today, and he’ll be talking tough on Iran. Most believe he’s doing so for two reasons: 1) the elections; and 2) to stop Israel from striking Iran before the elections. Why not believe he is actually interested in protecting Israel and stopping Iran? Well… Let me tell you a little story.

Some months ago I was in a small confab with two senior foreign policy people and a rising senator. We got to talking about Israel, and one of those present began the tale of a recent meeting with Barack Obama. Now before I get to the punch line, I underscore that the person I’m citing is in every way a member of the establishment — not a bomb-thrower, not a blogger, not a tweeter. What struck him, he told us, was that the president “hates Israel.” I pushed back, because I didn’t really believe it. “He hates Netanyahu?” I asked. “No,” this greybeard replied. “He hates Israel.”

I’m sure each of us could find some unattributed quote to characterize pretty much anyone in DC, but here are the reasons I’m becoming more and more inclined to believe. Let’s review the bidding.

I don’t think Obama is a Muslim, I doubt he has plotted the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood, and reject all the nuttiness around the current White House. But a wise man once encouraged us not to shy away from a diagnosis when something looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck. Let’s face it: Perhaps hate is too strong. But dislike strongly? I’ll buy that quack.

5 thoughts on “Does Obama ‘hate Israel?’

  1. Hard to believe the AEI can’t find anyone better than this to comment on foreign policy.

    As a lifeling Zionist, who has more family in Israel than I do in the US, whose relatives arrived around WW1, and have fought in every war from 1948 to guarding Israel today, I can tell you that Mr. Netanyahu has taken the joy out of being a Zionist. And there are millions of Israelis who feel the same way, but here in America, some of my chaverim think loyalty to Likud is a requisite to faithfullness to the Jewish State.

    No deal.

  2. Obama hates Israel so much that he has given the country bunker busting bombs, an upgraded missile defense system, intelligence information, diplomatic cover at just about every turn, and more than $3 billion in aid per year that the wealthy country does not need. And what has Obama asked for in return? To cease building on disputed land (which they have not done), to talk about peace using 1967 borders as a starting point (which they will not do), and to calm down about Iran (which they have not done either).

    It has nothing to do with Obama “hating” Israel. Because if that is how you treat a country you “hate,” then there are lots of countries that would simply adore being so hated. Nope, it is about what do WE get in return for standing by that foreign country as it pursues short sighted policy after short sighted policy. Obama loves America more than he values Israel; a shame that more people in Washington and at the AEI could not be similarly characterized . . . .

  3. I think it’s long past time that the name of this institute be changed to the Likud Enterprise Inst. and be forced, along with a number of its sister organizations in the beltway, to register as an agency of a foreign government.

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