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TED Talk: Daphne Koller (co-founder of Coursera) on “what we’re learning from online education”

In the TED Talk above, Stanford professor Daphne Koller shares her excitement about making the college experience available to anyone through her startup, Coursera. With classes from 16 top colleges, Coursera is an innovative model for online learning. While top schools have been putting lectures online for years, Coursera’s platform supports the other vital aspect of the classroom: tests and assignments that reinforce learning.

One thought on “TED Talk: Daphne Koller (co-founder of Coursera) on “what we’re learning from online education”

  1. It was great until the very end when she said that this would “establish education as a fundamental human right.”

    With regard to education being a fundamental human right, NO. That would be a positive right that imposes a burden on society to provide goods and services to that individual simply because that individual exists. If she had said that Coursera establishes a template for providing education to people who could not otherwise obtain that education, then great – we’re in agreement. It’s just that I don’t think someone as smart as she is says something about establishing a fundamental human right unless she means to do exactly that. In that endeavor, I must disagree with her.

    However, the rest of the stuff was great. I signed up for few course and am looking forward to them.

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