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Sen. Schumer wants to ban internationally produced Olympic uniforms; will that include U.S. production?

From yesterday’s Wall Street Journal:

The horror, the horror. No, we aren’t referring to those blue berets that U.S. athletes will wear at the opening Olympic ceremonies in London this month. We mean the horrified reaction from American politicians that those uniforms are made in China. Someone should tell these folks that if you want to have exports, you also need imports.

A half dozen Democratic Senators—led by Chuck Schumer, who else?—have introduced a bill to require that future uniforms be made in America. These are the same geniuses whose tax-and-spend policies make the U.S. economy less competitive. A country that worries about where its Olympic clothes are made has bigger competitive problems than those berets.

From WKRN-TV in Nashville:

The U.S. Olympic team may not be wearing American made uniforms during the opening ceremony in London, but another Olympic team will be sporting products made in Middle Tennessee during the games.

The Brazilian Olympic equestrian team is using saddle pads produced by Wilker’s Custom Horse Products in Cool Springs, Tennessee.  The business made a dozen white custom saddle pads with kelly green and yellow trim and piping for the team.

MP: Just wondering if Sen. Schumer’s anti-trade bill will be consistent and include a ban on any foreign Olympic uniforms being made in America like the saddle pads from Tennessee?  After all, if a voluntary, international transaction between Olympic uniform buyers in America and uniform producers in China is undesirable, then shouldn’t an international transaction between uniform (or saddle pad) producers in America and uniform (saddle pad) buyers in Brazil be equally undesirable?  How can we justify banning international uniform buying without also banning international uniform selling?

One thought on “Sen. Schumer wants to ban internationally produced Olympic uniforms; will that include U.S. production?

  1. The news is upsetting that our own team’s Uniforms are not made at home for what is perhaps the most representative international sporting event is upsetting, however it is not at all surprising. Outsourcing has become the thing to do for many companies, especially when it comes to products like clothing. But have things gotten so bad that the clothing that our athletes wear can’t even be made at home? If this is the case, then I might suggest we should take a look at what’s contributing to this in the way of regulation. If our policies to not be able to produce these kinds of goods at an effective cost are this daunting then we have overstepped ourselves and keeping ourselves down.

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