Julia’s mother: Why a single mom is better off with a $29,000 job and welfare than taking a $69,000 job


The U.S. welfare system sure creates some crazy disincentives to working your way up the ladder. Benefits stacked upon benefits can mean it is financially better, at least in the short term, to stay at a lower-paying jobs rather than taking a higher paying job and losing those benefits. This is called the “welfare cliff.”

Let’s take the example of a single mom with two kids, 1 and 4. She has a $29,000 a year job, putting the kids in daycare during the day while she works.

As the above chart  – via Gary Alexander, Pennsylvania’s secretary of Public Welfare — shows, the single mom is better off earning gross income of $29,000 with $57,327 in net income and benefits than to earn gross income of $69,000 with net income & benefits of $57,045.

It would sure be tempting for that mom to keep the status quo rather than take the new job, even though the new position might lead to further career advancement and a higher standard of living. I guess this is something the Obama White House forgot to mention in its “Life of Julia” cartoons extolling government assistance.

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  1. You people are something else. Do you know why most people with families are on welfare? Medical Insurance. Trying dishing out the high cost of prescriptions and supporting a family. Of course in a free market people might actually be able to afford prescriptions but it’s illegal to get out of country where people actually have a free market. This system is rigged and if you look back its rigged by the true trickle down economic people. The people that ravaged the economy for bush. Bush the guy who made people famous for the obama phone. Ignorance is rampid , you should really pay attention. All people need medical care and that’s a fact but those people who are so against entitlements don’t tell why they are out of control . The same people who point to liberal environmentalist for high cost but use the same so those drug companies making their stuff like their 30yr old inhalers get a new patent raising it from 6bucks to 70bucks, just because of one ingredient for the ozone depletion. How caring for the bleeding heart conservatives who paved the way for that one. Thats about an extra cost of a billion dollars so far. Funny how ignorant people call a free phone the obama phone when bush created that one. The earned income credit is also a bush thing. It’s welfare and nothing more. If you would take that away and give people medical care they would be searching high and low to make money.
    Theres no such thing as a conservative anymore and Morons on this blog show why people like pretty Sarah Palin or the great Mitt Romney who don’t know which truth to tell when are all that that party has to offer. No Integrity thanks to you and your lack of facts and education we have Obama. It is you who have put him in office and now you through out what these conservative media tell ya to think. “liberal media” “obama phone” “bleeding hearts” and terms such as these are for you “dumb dumb” people who spend more time blaming and hating and not expecting qualified candidates with integrity. You spend more time propping idiots like Ted Nugent and his gun and “pooping pants” comments and ironically that’s what he did to get out of going to vietnam. He is the mentality of the Republican Party and what’s left is Obama. At least with him dishing all the food stamps I can reduce my food cost by 50% each month by finding a crack head to sell them to me. Thank you very much. Now go listen to good old Rush so you can feel like you are smart and have a big wiener. And this nation was not founded on god it was founded on liberty. You god people actually are the dumbest of all. If there is a god you will be the one going down below for treating what you were blessed with with ignorance.

    • You are so naive!!! Look, Listen and learn!!! Get out of your cocoon and see what is really going on. If you have NO money, even though you are working, you get entitlements and you are part of the problem. If you are working and saving and making it on your own, you are part of the solution!! Single Mothers (not ALL) are the worse abusers of legal gouging. Single Father comes home with the paycheck while single Mother brings home the entitlements!! Talk about a win win situation….for THEM!!

      • HOW DARE YOU, I am a single mother, I work, work, work. I am a director of nursing, I work very, very hard. I bring home a paycheck that is extremely subpar for all of the hours and hard work I put in. I take care of patients all day, then go home and take care of my children. I don’t get child support, which I have filed for, but waiting on court system. I also DO NOT receive a cent from anybody else. DON’T tell my because I am a single mother, I am the, “worse abusers.” HOW DARE YOU. YOU don’t have a clue.

        • “HOW DARE YOU, I am a single mother, I work, work, work. I am a director of nursing,” Yikes. Director of nursing with your abysmal level of reading comprehension? Please post your place of employment so that we all know what care provider to avoid.

        • How dare what? They specifically said “(not ALL)”, and were clearly making a generalization with exception for those who “are working and saving and making it on your own”. Ted is right, you need to take it easy and stop being so emotional if your reading comprehension is really this bad.

        • Kathy, don’t listen to the nasty negative nancies on here. Thank you for your hard work. We single mothers get this way for various reasons that are not our fault and should stick together and offer moral support. Anybody who is nasty to you needs to go look in a mirror and engage in some self-improvement techniques. I was married and had two kids. My husband abused my kids and me, so I had to escape. I was stalked and threatened with death repeatedly, beaten in public, dragged across a parking lot, but I finally got my divorce and did not want anything from him except my freedom and peace. I worked my butt off for a hospital receiving accolades for my work and ingenuity, but the pay scale for that position did not pay enough for my kids and me to just make it. I applied for foodstamps but was rejected. I had to live off my credit card to buy minimal food to survive. I got into debt just living. We lived in a studio together against apt rules bc I could not afford anything else, I had to go hungry and relied on pharm lunches to get my fill bc I wanted my groceries to go to my kids. Anybody who judges us, you have no idea who you are judging. Watch out bc Karma can be a bitch. One day you or your kids may be in for a real treat, and once you experience great hardship, maybe then you may look at people with clearer eyes and stop being so nasty and judgemental.

      • first off im a single mom for 14 years now. second I have worked since i was 16 my kids father dont pay for shit. and it took me ten years to get to make 30,000. a year. I never took a hand out from anyone raised and feed and clothed and put a roof over my kids head my self. i see just as many free loading single dads sitting on their ass as I do single mothers. so get off you high horse. I never applied for food stamps or free money or low income housing. I busted my ass worked two jobs and still raised my kids right. Lazy people are just that it doesnt have anything to do with single mom ,single dad white ,black, just lazy.

          • Sweetie, I earned a B.S, M.S. and Ph.D. raising my kids. I also scored 100% in reading comprehension, so if you have a problem, I am willing to go head to head with you any day, my love. :)

      • Glad you pointed out that irony, Damon….I was itching to do it myself, and when I scrolled down you had beat me to the punch!

    • Don’t get confused by language, and don’t think of yourself as defined defined by your group membership. You’re not a group, you’re an individual. If it is true that a higher percentage of single mothers take a higher % of welfare, than other groups, then that is a fact that says nothing about any particular single mother. Someone who references a factual statistic about single mothers is not saying anything negative about any particular individual who happens to be a single mother.

      Say for a theoretical example 90% of single mothers are on welfare. Then it would be true that a lot of single mothers use welfare. However, that says absolutely nothing about an individual who happens to be a single mother if she is one of the 10% of single mothers who is not on welfare. Again, do not define yourself as a member of a group. You are not a single mother – you are an individual person who happens to be a single mother. Being categorized as “part of the single mothers statistic” is not the entirety of your identity. There are a multitude of things about you as an individual that you do not share in common with other single mothers.

      What are you talking about these imaginary straw men who are “against benefits”? You have to be more specific. What benefit is who against, in what situations, based on what reasons? The point of this article is that in certain situations, the amount of welfare & income taxes is so high that a person could actually lose money (in the short-term) by getting a higher paid job. This is a common problem with welfare programs, and it’s dangerous situation for multiple reasons.

      One reason is because it incentivizes individuals to not strive for the higher paid job, and it de-incentivizes the unemployeed to take a low-paid entry level wage. This can in many cases hurt the individual, especially in the long-run. It also discourages the individual from being as productive (ie from earning a higher income in the free market). There’s also a more direct cost to the overhead of government beauracrats who run the welfare programs. Part of what this entails is having government beauracrats doing a fake job that incentivises people to work less or to stay unemployed.

      And like all government spending, the welfare money comes from somewhere. The government can print more money, which causes inflation, which is a tax on everyone. Or they can directly tax people. If they tax a business, that cost is paid by the employees in reduced wages, by the customers in a higher cost of goods & services, and by the investors in reduced profits. If we only tax high income individuals, they will reduce their income by working less, investing less, by using tax shelters, by investing less, and by moving investments to tax-advantaged investments or overseas (including overseas companies & overseas jobs). In some cases it will even encourage people to move (in some cases to a different country, but more commonly to a different city or state). By taxing anyone in the private sector, you’re also reducing the amount of money that can be invested in private businesses (and charities) and instead moving it to be controlled by the government. Even super wealthy people keep their money in investments (or in banks which make investments).

      Another important point about taxing income is that income is only one factor that determines a person’s wealth. The cost of living varies drastically across the country such that in one area a person could make $25k and be well-off and in another they could be making $50k and struggle. Not everyone has the same number of dependents, needy or disabled parents or other relatives or friends that they support. Another example is that some people have unexpected high expenses such as college tuition / debt, medical expenses, or an expensive crisis (house fire, failed investment, death in the family, etc), or a needy friend or relative or employee or housekeeper or roommate etc who they help. Income is not a completely useless measure of wealth (or financially need, or material well-being), but by itself it is quite limited.

      A more accurate way to tax wealth would be the fair tax. With the fair tax, everyone gets a simple automatic rebate, which for many poor people is a net positive. People who are actually having financial problems (not just based on income) can reduce the amount of tax they pay voluntarily by reducing the amount of new (non-used) luxury goods they purchase (cars, furniture, housing, etc). Unlike business & corporate taxes, the fair tax does not indirectly tax poor people (to the same degree). Also, the fair tax has way less overhead (government employees, court cases, tax accountants etc) than the IRS system, which is another way we can reduce waste (ie fake jobs / fake work) caused by government.

      • Let me mention another type of very twisted situation that can result from our ridiculous system of taxes and welfare. Let’s say a man earns $60k/yr and he marries a single mother who earns $30k and gets $30k in benefits. The couple might think, let’s get married and be a family, and we can get a small tax deduction for being married.

        But what really happens after they get married is that the formerly single mother no longer qualifies for $30k/yr in a variety of benefits, because they are legally married. If the two had stayed unmarried but still dated, or even lived together, they would still get $120k/yr total. But since they got married, they now only get $90k/yr.

        That $30k they get if they stay unmarried comes from taxes. Since the government has a huge amount of waste and overhead, it actually costs $60k to pay this family $30k in welfare benefits.

        Because this couple committed the grave sin of getting legally married, the government is no longer giving the single mother $30k/yr in welfare benefits.

        This ridiculous situation can encourage single mothers to stay single, to live together with their partner as unmarried, or to have two residences with their partner.

        This ridiculous situation is another great example of why we should replace the IRS system with the fair tax, and privatize marriage (or at least make marriage only legal agreement, not one that affects government taxes & welfare).

        • I dated a woman like what you just described for almost 3 years. I made about 60k and she was on section 8, EBT (food stamps), MA (free health care), etc. She decided she liked me enough to get off her lazy azz and get a job for 30 something k. Guess what happened? She started to have to pay for rent and for groceries and although she ended up making more she got upset. When I told her that us getting married would cause her to lose the rest of her benefits she decided she quit her job and told me to get out of her life. Now you tell me that this young, beautiful and intelligent woman who managed to get an engineering degree wasn’t wrecked by so called “assistance”. We should call it what it is “GOVERNMENT SPONSORED HUMAN SPIRIT DESCTRUCTION PROGRAM”

    • I didn’t see you refute any of the numbers in the article–did I miss something? The writer simply is pointing out what the financial numbers are and then pointing out that some people respond to those financial numbers. Are you saying that people don’t respond to financial incentives? Speaking only for myself if they stopped paying me at work I’d stop showing up. And if gas were 10$/gal I’d buy less. If you disagree on the empirical aspects of the writing, please point them out while shedding some light what the true numbers might be.

  2. This to me is just crazy! What state is this in? As a single mom myself from Ohio 17,000 a year NO Benefits. Maybe they must pay people just to live in PA. What bugs me is most of the people who are against benefits are pro-life. Well you cant have it both ways. If your not willing to help people then you cant force them to have babies. Shame on Susan for thinking single Fathers all work and dont get help. Oh and just maybe most of the single mothers would not need benefits at all if they would just get serious about child support instead of wasting money on years of court dates with not a penny paid. Lets look at the BIG picture instead of what somebody else misleads you to believe.

    • What bugs me is most of the people who are against benefits are pro-life. Well you cant have it both ways. If your not willing to help people then you cant force them to have babies.

      This is complete non-sense. Abortion is baby killing pure and simple. Also, if you subsidies bastards, you get more bastards, making your bleeding heart “solution” part of the problem.

      Lets look at the BIG picture

      Of course, that way you don’t have to actually look at the real people your non-sensical policies are damaging. Don’t pay attention to people, that’s thinking way too small. Focus on the big picture and whitewash the horrible effects on the small picture of individuals.

    • “If your not willing to help people then you cant force them to have babies.”

      If you’re not willing to take responsibility for your actions, then you can’t force me to bail you out of your mistakes.

      Ignorant people like you are the problem.

      • “What bugs me is most of the people who are against benefits are pro-life. Well you cant have it both ways. If your not willing to help people then you cant force them to have babies.”

        No one is “Forcing” you to get pregnant in the first place, its called BIRTH CONTROL, with like 10 different methods to choose from, GET A GRIP!!

        • Oh, and don’t give the age old “I got pregnant on birth control” response, the error rate on birth control is due to “Human Error”, adhere by the rules of birth control ie. take it EVERY DAY and you won’t even have to worry about being “forced” to give birth to your unwanted child.

          • @AM5283 – get your facts straight before spouting off about the “old” response “I got pregnant on birth control”. There is a “perfect use”, ie. no human error involved, failure rate for all forms of birth control, with the exception of abstinence. And since most wives are told by their religions part of their ”wifely” duties is engaging in sexual relations with their husband, laying the fault of getting knocked up and 100% of the responsibility at the feet of women is disingenuous and wrong.

    • Who said anything about forcing people to have babies? whatever happened to using common sense and keeping your legs closed? The logic used to support abortion is skewed. It is not a life threatening disease that attacks someone out of nowhere. Recreation sexual intercourse is what creates the fetus. There is literally only 2% of abortions which occur due to incest and rape, so it cannot be lauded as the primary concern for support.

      Use morals folks. And if you don’t have morals – use a dang condom. I should not have to pay for your recreation entertainment. By that logic, we should be able to charge the public for liposuction, face lifts, boob jobs, penile implants – anything that is a personal choice to alter the body!

  3. What bugs me is most of the people who are against benefits are pro-life. Well you cant have it both ways. If your not willing to help people then you cant force them to have babies.

    This is complete non-sense. Abortion is baby killing pure and simple. Also, if you subsidies bastards, you get more bastards, making your bleeding heart “solution” part of the problem.

    Lets look at the BIG picture

    Of course, that way you don’t have to actually look at the real people your non-sensical policies are damaging. Don’t pay attention to people, that’s thinking way too small. Focus on the big picture and whitewash the horrible effects on the small picture of individuals.

  4. Wow, I’d just love to live in a state where a single mom gets $18,000 a year to pay for her childcare starting before she even has a job right up til she’s earning $43,000 a year, and another $8,000 a year to pay for housing and $7,000 a year to pay for energy (she must rent a very big house and have trouble closing the windows!), right up until she’s earning $29,000 a year. Is this Superman’s Bizarro World?

  5. How about people just make responsible decisions and stop having kids they can’t afford or ones from multiple guys.

    • So very true…many have children take the money don’t take care of the children..then the kids get taken away and put into foster homes. The Mother has to go to parenting classes to get the kids back, reunification…they stop paying mom when her kids get put into foster care.
      Low and behold 2 months into parenting classes mom is pregnant again, doesn’t have her first two kids she has medical, food card, wic, and as soon as she has this baby more cash.
      I see it every day where I work. They have the system down, if they lose a few kids on the way, oh well, have a few more.
      So sad, these poor young women are having children that most likely will turn out like their mom has or worse.
      We need to pray for all of our young people and invest in them..positive programs…positive life skills…and you are worth so much more than sex, drugs, and baby after baby with 3 or 4 different daddies.

  6. For those of you on here judging others and making fun of language (“rampid”)….

    Be sure to peek at your own poor grammar and complete lack of punctuation.

    Thank you.

  7. Well if woman would get paid the same rate as men then they would make more but no half of them sit in a comfy chair while the woman are doing the job for them and they get the credit so put that in the equastion and shut up stupid

  8. People, would you get a grip and stop shooting at each other with generalities and personal testimonies of obvious exceptions to the rule?

    Now, clearly, there are mothers such as yourselves that work hard, and the work ethic is not present in the husband of the household. This is comparable (not equivalent people) to comparing the differences of genders work ethic at the workplace. You just can’t win at talking about generalities.

    However, we can comment on the system, and that’s what this article is about. Not, whose grammar is better than the other people’s; not whose political views are frequented ,or whose definition of life is mentioned.

    What this article does prove is that at least one thing. 1) That it could, and has encouraged young adults and teenagers whose family situation has caused the temptation to consider the offer to get pregnant and raise a child (unmarried).
    2) This potential is ironic and counter-productive since it is hard for a child to cope without a father and that child then has the incentive to make similar choices. Having personally grown up in place with kids without knowing their fathers. Believe me, it’s not easy for the mother or the child(ren) just as it is not easy as some have mentioned to be married to a lazy husband. That’s completely understandable and I don’t envy either situation.

  9. IAM

    You made some very important points and I would ask for myself what your sources are so that I can reference them in the future.

  10. It is sad just how clueless people are about life when they know math and money so well. Things may look great on paper, but they always ignore the realities of actual life.

    It is also strange how those with money act entitled and think they actually deserve much of what they have. Funny how reality shows they often do the least to get the most.

  11. Title of the article is false. It should say “Julia’s mother: Why a single mom is worse off with a $29,000 job and welfare than taking a $69,000 job”

    Because in reality, by taking that $69,000.00 salary. You’d be showing that you’re not only independent, and successful. But you’d also be showing that you aren’t some scum-of-the-earth welfare queen.

  12. this is the most retarded math i have ever come across welfare is a net saver to government

    Workfare costs eight times as much as welfare did

    childcare alone costs four times more than was ever paid out in welfare

    ha ha retarded libertarian morons

  13. Everyone makes a mistake, sometimes we put our trust in the wrong man or woman, sometimes we’re just young or immature, sometimes it’s just the living environment we were dealt. Anyway, I think the real abusers “most of us have issue with” are the men & women that produce multiple children on government welfare. Would “most of us” be OK with allowing some government assistance for all of the daughters & sons that make a mistake or two?….as long as there are some government requirements put in place to continue to receive financial & benefit assistance that are very easily regulated? For example: If a single mother or father had a 2nd child that required government financial assistance & benefits…then to continue collecting on these benefits would require proof positive contraception upon collection of these benefits each time it would be distributed then on. With technology today…it wouldn’t be too hard. With a “false or negative contraceptive reading”…benefits would not be distributed for that week or month. A government contraceptive(s) could be offered as part of the benefit pkg. It would be kind of like a drug test for employment if you will…but for pregnancy instead…in order for the individual to collect on that week or month’s government benefit. Would “most of us” accept a government plan such as this?

  14. I am appalled. None of the above comments from people who have never been a single parent are even relevant. Every situation is different. There are strong women out there that have been strong enough to leave an abusive relationships trying to get back on their feet, women out there that have been widowed unexpectedly trying to pull it together & everything in between. It is amazing that there is something in place to aid these strong women!! The bum that is fully capable of working that chooses to scrape the welfare bowl, while living in (newly renovated) public housing, playing PlayStation, that is the real problem. It’s generational. It was good enough for the parents, good enough for their kids & so on. So if ANYONE is upset about SINGLE MOM’S getting some financial help because some prick left her bruised, high & dry, or is deceased…..SHAME ON YOU!!!!!

  15. Think about it though, tattoos, cigarettes and alcohol cost allot of money! And on top pf that, that BEST things in life ARE free!!

  16. Having read lots of the above comments I have mixed feelings. I was brought up in a rough section of NYC in the projects and we lived on my dad’s
    small disability check. It was REALLY small and I remember the local grocer would let my mother charge milk and bread the last week of the month for me. We qualified for a lot of stuff but my mother had too much pride and after a short time terminated the food assistance she got. She washed and ironed the same dress everyday so I could have a few school clothes for school. We went to the library to read free books and I was in school activities. I did not get free lunch which was a peanut butter sandwich and orange Mon. through Fri. for almost all the kids at my school. I had the same thing but my mother made mine. I could go on and on. The emphasis was do well in school and I ultimately I became A nationally certified teacher . I went to school on scholarships and a grant while living at home . I worked and traveled to school and work by train. When I was faced with hard times before I was on my feet I worked three jobs, had three kids , and had limited family support. The kids split a 33 cent pkge of ham , chips and a fruit for lunch and I never put in an app for free lunch. I guess you do what you know and are taught by example. Years later my daughter became an unwed single mother and we did get short term assistance while she graduated the honors . While working she then got a four year science degree , paid off her vehicle and bought a house . Another daughter who was told she could go on disability is now a professor at a well known college. The third daughter also got a scholarship, financial aid and loans . I THINK THE ARGUMENT IS JUST how hard you work and how much pride you have to AVOID asking for help to get to where you want to be. IF YOU DO It is ALSO what you do to limit the AMOUNT of both time and money you get before you stand on your own two feet. I think people feel those receiving benefits don’t appreciate the fact that others are giving it to them and that it is also abused. Although brief I know the help meant a lot in my family and that all of us used it wisely, became successful, paid it back and were appreciative. Resources, jobs . donations , and kindness are becoming more and more limited. The answers are difficult and abuse is hard to fund when life for those doing the funding are having it harder and harder too. Gosh I never do this but I think more and more people are commenting about this fast and changing America for many reasons. Now I am way off topic.

  17. Welfare to the poor is really just corporate welfare. Most Americans on assistance work, but they earn a very low wage. If these people did not have the government subsidizing their food and housing, they could not afford to work at a minimum wage job, they would starve and be homeless. Assistance lets companies to pay low wages and still get workers that are housed and fed.

  18. I am a stay at home mom of six, currently keeping my three year old granddaughter while my unwed daughter works at a low paying job. I also handle the office work, billing and payroll for my husband’s construction company. In addition to this, I milk goats, keep chickens and occasionally try to grow a few veggies. I also work very hard. My daughter does not make enough money to live on her own and pay for daycare, and she actually makes more than minimum wage. She qualifies for a good bit of freebies, but not enough to live on. My husband’s business went under a couple of years ago and we didn’t even have food to eat. I got some emergency assistance for a little while, but didn’t reapply. We usually don’t qualify for any help, because we own the business and don’t get a check stub to prove our income. The gov’t also tends to think all the money in our business is our personal money. This is not true. I have to pay wages, insurance (required by the gov’t), expenses such as food and lodging for the crew while on jobs and fuel. I always pay employees, even if I have to let our personal bills go or make our family do without. I have seen it form both sides. And, yes, we pay outrageous taxes. Incidentally, my husband does the same work as his employees. He is on every job. I have also seen, firsthand, people who live on welfare. Some of them are lazy. Some of them don’t know any better. Some have learned (usually from their parents) how to game the system. (That was told to me by a woman who had worked in human services for over twenty years.) I don’t think anyone owes me a living, and I don’t think I owe anyone a living. But I think folks should get a fair wage for their labor. I think the gov’t should butt out of most things and people should learn to be kind and generous to those who really need help. And I believe those who can work, should work.

  19. If $29,000 jobs were even available to most of us, much less $69,000 jobs, there would be far fewer people on welfare. Seriously, this ignorance is astounding.

    I’m not on welfare now, but I could certainly use it. Even working full time at a job paying 160% minimum wage (The most I ever made in a years was still only $25,000) I had just enough for my family to survive and since I live in a city over 60% of my net income went just to rent, not including the utilities.
    I lost my job almost a year and a half ago and my unemployment ran out months ago. And I did try and am trying to find work! My husband has found jobs that were supposed to be full time, that have all turned into part time shortly after hiring, and he has been laid off twice since the spring. Not all people out of work don’t want to work. Some are trying desperately to get work, to no avail! Businesses do not care about whether their employees can pay their bills, most will do anything to cut hours and cut down employee numbers to add to their bottom line.
    So the rich get richer . . . etc.

    There seems to be this huge disconnect in people’s minds between what other people SHOULD be able to do, and what it is POSSIBLE for them to do. For many, making anywhere near $29,000 much less $69,000 is simply NOT POSSIBLE.
    People really don’t sit around calculating how to work as little as possible while getting as much as possible from other sources. Most are just trying to survive. In a world where minimum wage can’t even cover basic living expenses for one person in some places, families and especially single parents face great challenges just to get by.
    Raise the minimum wage to a living wage, and these programs would become redundant! And those who have never lived in poverty should really stop judging those who are, as if it were somehow their decision to be poor. Unless you’ve lived it, you really have no idea what it is like, the constant unbearable stress. Most people would do anything to get out of such a situation, not do anything to try to stay in it in hopes of getting handouts!

  20. She might be better off at this moment in time, but as soon as a 1% pay increase comes to the person making $69K, that person is better off. It’s also a lot easier to get any sort of raise once you are making better money.

    Of course, you may be quite incorrect to think that the person making $29K has the skills and experience to make over twice as much in another job.

  21. I’m not sure where to begin….

    I have worked since I was 18. Went to college and climbed the work ladder

    I have had years where I made as much as 150,000 in a married dual income household.

    I have 3 small children and upon my divorce I made a bad decision to keep my home so that my children wouldn’t be further upset… Plus my stress was at an all time high.

    My ex husband took everything in trade for the home.

    3 years later I sold in an awful market hoping a downsize would help and I also lost my high paying job and took a new one for 70k

    I get 1500 a month for support for 3 growing children and I can’t make ends meet.

    My new mortgage barely closed. My mortgage broker screwed me my movers ended up wiping me out of cash because I had to store furniture for 3 months.

    I have paid into society for years. I have no available credit. No savings and $200 in my bank account $40 in my wallet.

    I have sold all of my jewelry to a local jewler and most things of value on eBay.

    There are simply no breaks for me anywhere.

    It’s disgraceful and for those of you judging people who have tried to live appropriately and pay into the system are disgusting. I live in CT and its brutal.

    Does anyone have any valid suggestions.

    I think making less is the idea because all I do is walk around calculating my options and getting further sick and depressed.

  22. I work just above 65k and a single father of two daughters. I can’t tell you how many times I wish to be with my kids more. Like everyone at times, more lately then less, I am living from pay check to next day trying to get food and through the week. Being a single parent your kids wake up six in the morning, so far, their whole life and have some one who honestly doesn’t love them like parents watch them till five 5:30pm. Then you have dinner, bath, and get ready for bed only to have then seen them to hang out a few hours a day. I honestly feel weak that I don’t at least try to stay home with them. But I am afraid to loose my career and not find work when they get older.

  23. I have read all of the comments and am amused at how most women have the compassion and most of the men can’t see what their stake in the entire problem is. Women do not get pregnant through “Immaculate Conception” It took two to tango, yet the worthless male walks away and leaves the mother to fend for herself and her children. Shame on anyone that cannot see this. If you judge you just may be judged. Rather than women having their tubes tied, why not castrate the dead beat dad?
    Most may not be old enough to remember the old days when those with the most gave the most. Every president from FDR through Carter taxed the top percent at a minimum of 70 percent once they made their threshold. Eisenhower taxed at 91 percent through his entire presidency. Any one who makes 2 million plus a year in earnings to get to that tax deserves to pay that tax. Reagan dropped that number to 28 percent and the deficits began, and have not stopped. Only Clinton since then had balanced a budget, raised the taxes on the wealthiest and started to turn the tide. Had that principal remained we would have had no debt by 2016, or at least that is what the research shows. The minimum wage would be well within a living wage for all. But Clinton also allowed NAFTA, repealed Glass Steagall, replaced it with Gramm Leach Bliley, and manufacturing jobs that supported the middle class went so the rich could get richer. I won’t even start on Bush, the eight most worthless years in American history.
    Greed is an ugly thing. Really how much is not enough to the top percent. Billionaires do not care, as a general rule, about anyone but themselves. They think the rest of the country bullies them? Warren Buffet and Bill Gates actually realized that they had too much money and will end their lives figuring out what to do with it all? This country allowed them to have that type of success.
    This country had few problems back in the older days. The average person had expendable income to make the economic engine keep running. The richest did not make the ridiculous amounts of money that they do today.
    Unions came in and made sure that those that made the product or provided the service shared in the economic prosperity. It created the middle class and the American dream of owning a home. Now we beat on unions and call them corrupt? Some are, but union members can vote, and most did not, just like our political elections today. Those who did not get involved created the country that we have today.
    We all have a stake in America, yet few of us strive to make it a better place.
    Divorce rates are up, marriages are down, people do not make commitments and you see the results. In the old days most people got married, the dad earned a living and the mom stayed home to raise the kids. Life was better then. The church played a larger role in our lives, not just for those on the fringe right.
    The ignorant scream socialism, many of those same people are on Social Security and Medicare? The saying of the most ignorant is “don’t let the government touch my Medicare. Again I am amused.
    We now live in an oligarchy, where the rich buy elections by selling ignorance to ignorant people. The rat race moves on. We deny global warming because those with the money deny it, and we buy it.
    The majority is to blame for the problems we have today, including welfare problems. Everyone for the most part only cares about themselves and their little world or piece of the pie. I am only one person, I don’t have the answers. I can only say shame on us all!

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