6 charts that show the Welfare State run amok


The original purpose of Medicaid was to provide improved healthcare access for poor people, while not turning the safety net into a trap. Under President Obama’s Affordable Care Act, Medicaid will be greatly exapnded beyond what Congress originally intended.

In fact, as these charts show, it has already expanded beyond what Congress surely originally envisioned and, in the process, has created a terrible fiscal problem for the United States. (These charts and graphics come from a briefing today here at AEI, conducted by Gary Alexander, secretary of public welfare for Pennsylvania.)

A few scary factoids:

– In the 1960s, there were 18 workers per Medicaid recipient. Today that number is 2.5.

– The number of Americans on disability has risen 19% faster than jobs created during this recovery.

– There are just 1.2 private sector workers per 1 person on welfare or working for government.

– There are now just 1.65 employed persons in private sector per 1 person on welfare assistance.

Check out the charts and graphics for yourself:

1. Fewer workers and their tax payments have to support more and more Medicaid recipients.

2. The number of takers is now approaching the number of makers.

3. Medicaid and other welfare enrollment has exploded.

4. Medicaid enrollment is growing faster than economy.

5. Medicaid spending? You ain’t seen nothing yet.

6. Disability enrollees have exploded and are rising faster than job creation.

These charts show an out-of-control welfare state that is about to get even bigger, increasing both budget costs and dependency.

70 thoughts on “6 charts that show the Welfare State run amok

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  2. You people make me sick….we all worked & paid into things….all our lives like medicare & social security…yet some of you call them entitlements…& dont belive people should get them…when will the right wing wake up….probably never !!

    • Watch closely. Eventually Social Security will be “means tested,” which means the rich will get none of the dollars that they have contributed over the years. Medicare already charges more for the Part B policy if the recipient makes more than… well, more than he/she NEEDS, as determined by… the politicians. Both will become welfare, which is okay as long as the politicians admit that.

      And I promise it will be the LEFT wingers pushing hardest to punish the rich by denying them Social Security. The Lefty politicians are more than happy to take campaign money from The Rich, and they’re likely to reward those rich people with taxpayer dollars for their projects in return. But they just have to demonize The Rich, loudly and proudly. It’s called “class warfare.”

      Yet I’m hard-pressed to recall the last time a poor person gave me a job. How ’bout you?

    • @Jekk…you make me sick you uninformed idiot! Do some research independent of what CNN tells you to think!

    • JEKK …You communist!.. I bet you are only 22 years old and think you deserve everything i have put into the system. I will never see a fraction of what I have paid the government. Meanwhile I dole out free healthcare to the ignorant and unwashed on a daily basis.

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