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  1. Dave says:

    For decades people wondered if America would cause another Hiroshima. MacNamara admitted the invasion loss figures were made up and Eisenhower wrote about how Japan was about to surrender. Instead America committed one of the most hideous acts in history by nuking civilian towns after burning down most of Japan. As the only nation to detonate nuclear weapons on civilians America has a lot of hubris assuming the rest of the world is fearful of a nuke Iran.

    • Andy says:

      You have no understanding of history. The last battle of the Pacific was the bloodiest and was a small example of what was to come in an invasion of Japan. As an American not that I care we would have easily killed millions of Japanese in the invasion as they would have fought to the finish. The terrain on the southern island of Kyushu was perfectly suited for defense. In the months following up to the initial invasion the Japanese had moved over one million troops to mainland Japan and would have put up horrific defense. Following the end of the war the Americans found the Japanese defenses to be far more robust then believed including many more kamikaze fighters. It would have been a blood bath for all involved, thank God for those atomic bombs. This is but a small description of what would have happended but I’m well aware of how much liberals reject facts, logic and history. By the way MacNamara was involved with Vietnam and was one of the worst war managers in American history and Eisenhower fought in the European theater.

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