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  1. Dan Farfan says:

    As usual, well done, Jim.
    One slight improvement… I believe that sat photo is from 2003 (worth noting in the caption, imo)

  2. Barky O'Genius says:

    Brings a tear to my eye to see that the only lights being used are in the capitol. Now THAT’S how you do an energy policy!

    Later! Got a few more million dollars to burn on my vacation…

  3. Chuck says:


    Assuming the satellite photo is from 2003, what’s your point. Do you believe that if we took another satellite image tonight it would look different? Doubt it!

  4. Luke says:

    It’s really kind of an insult to communism to call the Kim dynasty’s rule by that name. It’s not even “successful” enough to be a Stalinist regime; Juche is little more than a xenophobia reserved for any person not related to Kim Il-Sung by ancestry. It may have logically-traceable roots to Neo-Confucianism, but it’s ultimately just a totalitarian dictatorship.

    • Damaris says:

      In Norht Korea:
      - The state regulates the economy heavily through central planning and control.
      - Entrepreneurial activity remains virtually impossible.
      - Property rights are not guaranteed.
      - Almost all property, including nearly all real property, belongs to the state
      That not sound communist to you? If walks like a duck… you know.

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