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The price of pre-K in 2016 might be higher than you think

As mid-term election season rolls around and presidential hopefuls look ahead to 2016, conservatives are asking the question: what to do about universal pre-K? It’s an important question. Over the past couple of years, a number of red and blue states across the country have joined the pre-K bandwagon, including Republican strongholds like Oklahoma and Georgia. And the trend might continue: last month, the Obama administration announced its new Preschool Grant Program in which states are eligible for a chunk of $250 million to build or expand preschool programs. read more >

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The Contract at 20 and GOP fortunes today

Twenty years ago this week, 367 members of Congress stood on the Capitol steps and signed a document called the Contract with America. Although several polls in October 1994 showed that around 70% of Americans were not aware of the Contract, its positive, forthright agenda infused GOP leaders and activists with energy and contributed to massive change in the 1994 elections. read more >