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Here is exactly the sort of infrastructure spending Republicans should support

University of Minnesota Transportation expert and must-follow blogger David Levinson was recently asked what he would do to help low-income residents if given $1 billion to spend. The context here is the opening of $1 billion light-rail line between downtown Minneapolis and St. Paul. Levinson: I would improve the bus system. Buses are more adaptable and flexible than rail. read more >

Thomas B. Fordham Institute
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Study: A fourth of public school spending goes to salaries and benefits of nonteachers

A new Thomas B. Fordham Institute study finds that the number of non-teaching staff in the United States has grown by 130% since 1970. These three millions employers now account for half of the public school workforce with their salaries and benefits absorbing one-quarter of current education spending. read more >

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Look out, America, here’s how Europe’s debt crisis might reignite

I would be more confident in the US economy’s ability to withstand a new euro fiasco if, say, a nasty bout of weather hadn’t contributed to one of the worst non-recession GDP quarters since WW II. History suggests a 2%-growth economy is a fragile economy. And newspaper headlines suggest the eurozone is still stuck in a long recession or depression, which threatens to eventually reignite the region’s debt crisis. read more >