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The automation danger no one’s talking about

n a recent TechRepublic piece, reporter Erin Carson points out various myths about driverless cars. One of them involves passenger passivity. Although the eventual goal is that your car can motor to the office while you kick back and work on the Penske file or watch a movie, that won’t happen for a while. Carson notes that “despite systems that keep a car in its lane, for example, manufacturers are expecting that car owners will be paying attention with a hand on the wheel and a foot near the brake.” read more >

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Weird. Liberals fear Hillary won’t raise taxes on the rich

The New Republic’s Noam Scheiber is worried that Hillary Clinton hasn’t gotten the memo. It’s not enough for Scheiber that the likely Democratic presidential nominee will almost certainly make inequality a core theme of her 2016 campaign. One can expect calls for universal preschool, a higher minimum wage, and more infrastructure investment among other policies to boost living standards at the middle and bottom. But Scheiber is worried that she won’t take the next step and express a clear desire to sock it to the 1% with a big, fat tax hike. read more >